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 ~Rules #1- Introduction to the forum

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Wolfy the Wolf
Wolfy the Wolf

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PostSubject: ~Rules #1- Introduction to the forum   Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:48 am

Hello. My name is Wolfy. I shall be the one introducing you to this forum, writing these rules, and working the forum. I would also like to tell you that any disobeying of the rules shall result in a warning, or a ban. Respect these rules and everything will go fine and you shall have no problem.

The rules come in Sets, for example, instead of having one long list of rules, you can just check on the topic title- there will be a topic for posting rules, behavior rules, and so on. That way it will be easy to review the rules. There will be a long list of the rule names here(and links), at the beginning of the topic, but the individual rules will be on different posts.

Thank you for your time taken to read this. Wolfy.
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~Rules #1- Introduction to the forum
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