The art of the wolf
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The art of the wolf

Learn, practice, and master the art of the wolf.
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 Practicing the Art

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PostSubject: Practicing the Art   Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:47 pm

Hello, this topic will contain all you need to know for Practicing the art. For more information please consult the 'Training the Art' topic.

What I shall do is post topics for missions, and they you can participate in them and try to complete them together. Once the mission is completed you earn what is known as Chi, the way to measure your experience. The harder the mission, the more Chi you receive. Keep in mind if your character dies(can be revived, do not worry!) or you fill or drop out of a topic, Chi will be taken away.

That is how you practice the Art! Most information is included there. I may add more to the FAQ below, if your question is not here or in the FAQ tab, please ask it here. Thank you!


Q. Can my character die in a mission?
A. Yes, they can. But they will be revived for a little bit of Chi, so no worries! Your character will die usually when you lose a fight and you chose to make them die for more drama. Although it will be unkind to your character, and your Chi, it is okay, although we strongly suggest against killing your character.

Q. How much Chi does it cost to revive my character?
A. Usually around 50 Chi or less, depending on how experienced you are and how much Chi you have in general, so if you have more than 50 Chi do not worry.

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Practicing the Art
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