The art of the wolf
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The art of the wolf

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 Rules for Requesting Guidance

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Wolfy the Wolf
Wolfy the Wolf

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PostSubject: Rules for Requesting Guidance   Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:03 pm

This cave, so far, consists only of Shania and the white wolf story teller(you see her at the campfire). Here you may enter the cave humbly and ask for guidance.

To do so, please go to the Help topic in this forum. There you must say the following,

'O, cave of wise wolves, I humbly request guidance and help!' And then explain your problem. I will try to help.

You can come here requesting help for a role play or with your training. Only art of the wolf related problems. If you have trouble with your account PM me. Don't post here.

Thanks for reading.
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Rules for Requesting Guidance
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