The art of the wolf
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The art of the wolf

Learn, practice, and master the art of the wolf.
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 Training Session - Endurance

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Wolfy the Wolf
Wolfy the Wolf

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PostSubject: Training Session - Endurance   Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:36 pm

Hello young pups! Today I will teach you to endure many things. Shania is hiding in a big pile of snow. Only her muzzle is showing, and it is pure white. I will teach you to endure pain, weather, and bad times. First off, let us start with weather. This snow is a perfect example. Suddenly, Shania jumps out of the pile and starts heaving piles of snow at the pups. It happens so fast, you don't have a chance to realize what happened. Soon you are covered in snow and shocked at what just happened. As you clamber from your pile, you see Shania's fur has changed, and is now red, green, and white. She laughs and starts walking towards you and your friends. When a snowstorm is brewing, you must learn to endure the harsh winds and tough snow that digs into your pelt. Shania starts to walk in the direction of a hill. Follow me.

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Training Session - Endurance
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