The art of the wolf
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The art of the wolf

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 River Guards

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Wolfy the Wolf
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PostSubject: River Guards   Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:46 pm

There are a few guards all along the edge of the river, to make sure no wolf is near enough to the river to drink from it. Every thirty minutes the guards switch spots, until sun down, when everyone leaves. A sole wolf that is left to guard the cave in the night makes sure no one leaves for the river.
I pad over to one of the guards. He nods at me. "I'm ready for my shift. Get yourself a squirrel." I said to him as we switched places. I felt a little sick inside as I looked at the pink water. I wondered why exactly it was sickening to drink. I had asked the campfire teller, who was also a healer. She had said, "The water is not only filled with wolf blood and tainted with metal, but also filled with sin. We must let it run it's course until the sin is washed away." I turned my head to gaze at the water. I stood up so I could face it fully. The guard to my right began to speak. "Shania-" But I cut him off with a growl. I looked up to the sky and mumbled a prayer. I had to find out what the effects were of this river. If I really was the Chosen One, I would survive it. I leaned down to sniff the water. The guards all on either side of me stiffened. They had been told to stop anyone who even approached the river, even the healer herself. But did that include the leader? I sensed their thoughts and snarled at them to leave me be. They all went back to watching, but I could tell that they felt uneasy. I cautiously stuck my tongue in the water and lapped up a tongueful. My stomach churned with the horrible taste. Then I lapped up a few more mouthfuls. It tasted bad, but I was feeling no ill effects. I sat up to continue my watch.

(I am going to post in different posts, but feel free to add what you're character is doing, as long as they do not drink from the river. They actually will die. )

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River Guards
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