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 How to get a good Post Count- WIP

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Wolfy the Wolf
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PostSubject: How to get a good Post Count- WIP   Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:21 pm

If you have a lot of posts members respect you, as they know you have been around for a while and you care about being here because you have posted so many times! It feels good to get past the 100 mark doesn't it? Here are some tips on how to get a good, big post count! But it takes time, mind you, nothing happens overnight!

1. Do not repeat answers or create pointless topics or ask questions that have been asked before- if someone sees you do this a lot they know most of your posts are foolish. It's no use having hundreds of posts if they are all spam, is it?

2. Put time into your posts. Do not just be like 'oh okay thanks for telling me' and stuff like that. That's not really a post.

3. Train at the training section. If you role play you will keep posting there to train, and eventually you will get a lot of posts. And they will be fun to post, too!

4. Make an avatar shop or comment on an avatar shop. Make your own avatar shop and make stuff for people! Or you can go to someone's topic and compliment their art or just ask for an avatar! This is a convenient and nice way to get posts.

5. Look for topics that interest you and post on them. If there is an announcement or update post on that topic!

I have to get off and think of ideas

Until next time,
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How to get a good Post Count- WIP
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