The art of the wolf
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The art of the wolf

Learn, practice, and master the art of the wolf.
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 More coming soon!

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Wolfy the Wolf
Wolfy the Wolf

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PostSubject: More coming soon!   Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:52 pm

Still no updates I know, I'm so bad for lying to you guys! But school is today and tomorrow and the day after that, and it's middle school. So hard to get by!

Anyway I promise to add new topics and forums by this Sunday! But it may take a while as I do have homework. Razz Well anyway, I'm practicing my art of the wolf and I'm drawing a lot of things and I am busy since I have to do a lot outside for exercise. Like riding my bike. If you have any questions or suggestions for me to do things for here, can you please Private Messaging!

Well otherwise I am working on my pixel experience. Why? I am making new buttons for the forum, as well as the design for a.. MASCOT! The mascot will have yellow and black, and maybe others! No I won't have a contest, but I hope to have other contests in the future. Well anyway, that's pretty much it... Sorry! But enjoy the update! Wink

Stick around for more next time!

Until next time,
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More coming soon!
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